Baby Shower In Party Bus Toronto-A Practical Planning Guide

Baby Shower In Party Bus Toronto-A Practical Planning Guide

28 Nov 2023 | 0 Comments

The journey from ‘We’re Pregnant’ to ‘We’re Parents’ is overwhelming. It is full of new experiences, challenges, hesitation, and nervousness. How about marking this event of life with a beautiful celebration? Good idea, right?

Organizing a lavish BABY SHOWER in a Party Bus Toronto would be epic. Not only will the ‘Mother-To-Be’ feel special, but the ‘Father-To-Be’ will also escape from anxiety and future worries. If you like this idea and are planning to consider it for your upcoming baby shower, this blog is worth reading. Don’t miss a bit.


Choose the right Toronto Party Bus 

First of all, you need to finalize the type of party bus for the event. 

Tip: Consider crucial factors like size of your guest list, amenities offered by the bus and budget. 


Themes & Decorations 

A little creativity is needed in converting a bus into a baby wonderland. Go for themes that not only look good but also practical on the go. Ranging from whimsical baby animals to conventional storybook characters, all these can come true. 

Tip: Do not also fail to decorate the bus with some movable decoration.

Here are some ideas: 

  • Woodland Wonder: Make the bus look like a cute forest with animals and earthy colors.

  • To the Moon: Make a starry night feel with moons in order to create a dreamy space theme.

  • Prince or Princess: You need to ensure that they feel royal by using crowns, decoration, etc.

  • Under the Sea: Use sea animals and ocean colors for decoration.

  • Vintage Charm: Go in for the vintage appeal by using muted tones.

  • Tutus and Ties: Keep it sweet with little tutus and ties.

  • Safari Adventure: Get a taste of adventurous safaris and green landscapes.

  • Nautical Vibes: For a sea themed party make use of navy colors and anchors.

  • Circus Fun: Incorporate some color on the bus and use playful decor.

  • Rainbow Joy: Have fun and use as many colors in the rainbow.

  • Cloud Nine: Provide peaceful air of clouds and stars.

  • Tea Party: Go for elegance through flowers, teacups, with a touch of garden feeling.

  • Storybook Magic: Decorate walls with kids’ story favorites using stickers and posters.

  • Star is Born: Incorporate some Hollywood style stars and gold touches.

  • Jungle Party: Transform the bus into a jungle filled with various tropical vegetation and inhabitants.

  • Building Blocks: Use big, building block toys and large balloons – stick with play!


Invitations and Guest List

There must be some degree of creativity involved in issuing invitations. Try using e-invite animated graphics or maybe even a nice and cute invitational video which sets the tone for the next step in the travel trip. 

Tip: While making up your guest list, make sure everybody understands that you can celebrate on the go.

Here are some creative ways to consider for sending e-invitations:

  • Animated Map: Give the invitees an exciting map that takes them to where the party bus is parked.

  • Digital Boarding Pass: Construct an electronic invitation with all this information, as a mock invitation for “coming on-board” to the party.

  • GIF Fun: Make the invitation playful by using animated GIFs with cute baby animations and/or a travel theme.

  • Video Message: Make a short video call where you personally invite the invitees to board the baby-shower party limo.

  • Countdown Clock: Put a countdown clock on the e-invite to stir up anticipation for the baby shower.

  • Digital Puzzle: Convert the invitation to a digital puzzle whereby guests will have a field day decoding the necessary information.

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Have a virtual scavenger hunt with clues that lead to information on party bus entertainment.

  • Memory Carousel: Highlight the journey of the expecting parents through creating a carousel-style e-invitation where one shares memorable photos.

  • E-Storybook: Develop the digital storybook-style e-invitation that will be unwrapping the details of the party in simple chronological order.

  • Interactive Quiz: Make the invitation to the child’s baby shower be a quiz where participants answer the questions uncovering details about the event.


Entertainment on the Bus

To maintain the party mood all through, plan interesting activities along the way. Entertainment, whether it’s about hiring a DJ who will play some music, organizing baby shower games, or setting up a karaoke machine will keep the energy running high.

Here are some fun activities which you can do: 

  • Portable Karaoke Machine: Bring a mini karaoke machine for some singalong moments.

  • Customized Playlist: Prepare a vibrant set of the mother’s favorite songs and oldies.

  • DJ Booth: You can also allocate space for a small DJ booth by having someone who will rotate some tunes if possible.

  • Baby Shower Games: Include fun activities such as baby bingo and the guessing game which can be conducted while aboard the bus.

  • DIY Photo Booth: Take photos in a DIY photo booth with props and backdrops.

  • Storytelling Session: Organize a story telling round during which guests narrate baby stories, whether funny or touching.

  • Trivia Games: Hold games on baby / baby stuff / parenting trivia, so everyone gets involved.

  • Mobile Craft Station: Offer small craft activity to the passengers during the trip.

  • Memory Lane Slideshow: Make a show for them and play the program on the screen on the bus with pictures and the future parents-to-be.

  • Movie Time: Have a projector installed and play a baby – themed movie or one that is the moms favorite.

  • Baby Shower Playlist Game: Play music with pauses and ask the guests to guess the title or artist for the next song on the list.

  • Live Performances: You may invite your musically inclined friends to live performances.

  • Themed Charades: Have a baby shower-oriented game of charades wherein you act out baby words or situations.

  • Bring a Comedian: Engage a joker who can bring laughter to people while on the way.

  • Virtual Messages: Shock mom-to-be from close relatives by recorded greetings.

  • Baby Shower Trivia: Make a guessing game involving information about both future parents and test visitors’ familiarity with them.


Foods & Drinks 

Catering for a baby shower on wheels requires some thoughtful planning. Opt for easy-to-manage finger foods, snacks, and appetizers that won't be disrupted by the movement of the bus. For drinks, consider a selection of non-alcoholic options that cater to all tastes, including a special mocktail for the mom-to-be.

Food Varieties

  • Finger Sandwiches: Supply tiny sandwiches on skewers with different fillings between chicken, cucumber and salad.

  • Mini Quiches: Serve mini quiches with various flavors, which is a convenient and palatable alternative.

  • Fruit Skewers: Skewer some fresh fruity mix of in-season fruit for a healthy and refreshing palate cleanser.

  • Cheese and Cracker Platter: For easy and classy snacks, place mini selections of cheese with crackers.

  • Vegetable Crudité: A healthy plate of veggies and dip.

  • Chicken Wings: Offer a mouthwatering side like different kinds of chicken wings having various sauces.

  • Slider Burgers: Make small slider burger bites in order to get satisfaction.

  • Stuffed Mushrooms: Stuff mushrooms using tasty filling for a yummy appetizer.

  • Mini Tacos: Offer mini tacos that can be filled differently to make it more interesting and unique.

  • Caprese Skewers: Classy and easy to eat; skewer cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil.

  • Dessert Shooters: For dessert, serve shooters with layers of cake, mousse, or fruit.


Drink Varieties

  • Mocktails: Make your mocktail using different fruits and vegetable purees and/or garnish.

  • Fruit Infused Water: Add some slices of fruits such as citrus, berries or cucumber into water and pour it out in order to get refreshed.

  • Iced Tea and Lemonade: Prepare a combination of iced tea and lemonade for an old-fashioned and diverse kind of beverage.

  • Smoothies: Instead, one can blend up yogurts, fruits mixed with honey for a healthy and delicious option.

  • Soda Bar: Install a soda bar that hosts soda and mixed drinks.

  • Hot Chocolate Station: In case the baby shower occurs during chilly weather, incorporate a hot chocolate booth featuring mini-marshmallows and whipped cream.

  • Coffee and Tea: The coffee and tea should be available in several types of tastes and additives.

  • Sparkling Water: Offer a range of flavored sparkling water as a fizzy and cool alternative.

  • Fruit Punch: A good fruit punch, flavored with juice and soft drinks.

  • Milk and Cookies: A sweet ending may be achieved using just milk and honey (retrospective).


Safety & Considerations

Although it ought to be about fun, safety should be taken seriously. Make sure that you fix down all your decorations and gifts on the journey so that they do not cause any accidents. Make sure that safety rules are shared with visitors before they step on the bus.

  • Secure Decorations: Fasten all the decorations to avoid any harm.

  • Stable Seating: Have guests seated prior to starting the ride.

  • Avoid Overcrowding: Please respect other passengers’ comfort and safety by considering the bus’ capacity.

  • Emergency Exits: Indicate the available emergency exits for quick and safe exit if necessary.

  • Designated Gift Area: Secure a safe place for presents along the way so they will not move.

  • First Aid Kit: Carry a small first aid kit for minor emergencies.

  • Driver Communication: Coordinate with the driver, establishing clear communication.

  • Sturdy Tableware: Ensure that you use spill-resistant tablewares to avoid incidents.

  • Avoid Glass Containers: Choose plastic because it can reduce the likelihood of breaking.

  • Temperature Control: Make sure that the bus is properly ventilated, air-conditioned and comfortable.

  • Seat Belts: Use seat belts when they are available to encourage safety.

  • Bus Inspection: Check and ensure that the bus is safe ahead of the occasion.

  • Designated Driver: Make sure that an inebriated designated driver is alert while driving on the road.

  • Clear Pathways: Ensure clear pathways for purposes of avoiding tripping hazards.

  • Inform Emergency Services: Inform the local emergency services about the event.

  • Guest Briefing: Inform brief guests on safety precautions before departure.

  • Plan for Rest Stops: Take short breaks during long journeys and schedule rest stops.



Lastly, holding a baby shower on a party bus is an interesting way to give some excitement into the usual get-together. Every move such as picking a good bus on one hand and designing exciting events on the other is aimed at making a trip characterized by amusement, laughter, and eagerness awaiting what will happen next.

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