10 Events & Festivals You Can Go To On A Toronto Party Bus Rental

10 Events & Festivals You Can Go To On A Toronto Party Bus Rental

06 Nov 2023 | 0 Comments

Toronto has such a lively vibe that one can’t imagine living in this city without its iconic events and festivals. When it comes to enjoying them to the fullest, you need the most terrific travel options available in the city. The best option that you have is a Toronto party bus rental. By choosing a party bus, you can go to the listed events and festivals below with great comfort, joy, and excitement. So, let’s begin!


Film Festival

Toronto is arguably the most entertaining city in Canada! In fact, the Toronto International Film Festival(TIFF) is one of the most iconic film festivals in the whole world. The distinct types of film festivals organized in the metropolitan showcase incredible films, talents, and heart-touching stories.

You can go to such film festivals by booking a Toronto Party Bus Rental. Moreover, you can also travel to these film festivals with your friends who are as passionate as you are about the mesmerizing world of movies.

Alongside this, you can watch your favourite movies on the television provided on the bus and start your festivities while on the bus as well. 


Music Festival

Our fabulous city boasts a diverse population who have immigrated from different parts of the world. They have brought their amazing cultures along with them, which has contributed a lot in terms of distinct types of music.

In the music festivals of Toronto, artists belonging to different genres play contrasting musical instruments and sing songs in different languages.

You can get hold of your friends who are into music and venture out to enjoy these festivals. The best vehicle to go to these music festivals is definitely a party bus in Toronto. You can listen to the music pieces of your choice on the bus and enjoy your ride thoroughly. 


Wine Festival

Let’s give a toast to the surreal vibe of Toronto. And what better way to raise your glasses at the finest wine festivals of our happening city? If you want to drink the finest wines, then the Toronto Wine Festival is the best place to be.

You can drink the most exceptional wines made from excellent types of grapes there. Different types of wines are available to savour in these festivals, ranging from red to white and everything in between.

When going to a wine festival, the first thing you’d want is a comfortable ride. So, you can opt for a party bus and have a to-and-from travel option. 


Pride Parade

Do you want to celebrate love and acceptance in the most vibrant city of Toronto? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you must be a part of the pride parade. Our city’s parade is a great celebration of LGBTQ+ rights and freedom.

You can join the parade by hopping on the party bus and join the parade to show your support. Furthermore, you can even bring your flags and wear your costumes for one of the most special parades in our city. 


Beer Week

Are you a beer lover? If yes, then you will definitely enjoy the annual beer week of Toronto.

You can visit different beer breweries in and around the city and learn about the brewing process thoroughly. Alongside this, you can taste different varieties of beers there.

You can have a tour of those breweries by boarding a party bus rental in Toronto. Moreover, you can bond with your companions over your never-ending love for beer!


Food Truck Festival

Looking to have a tasty adventure in Toronto? Then, Toronto’s food truck festival is the only place you need to be!

For foodies, the city turns into a literal heaven during the food truck festival. You can try out delicacies, dishes, and cuisines of different parts of the world at this festival.

You can book a Toronto party bus rental and board it with your foodie friends to reach the festival’s location. After reaching there, just join in the festivities by trying the delicacies from the food trucks of your choice.


Jazz Festival

Jazz is one of the most popular genres of music, and it has a huge fan following as compared to other music genres. The Toronto Jazz Festival is the melting pot of individuals coming from different kinds of backgrounds bonding over their love for Jazz.

By opting for a party bus in Toronto, you will be able to reach the festival on time and that, too, with luxury. Because of this, you will be able to fully enjoy all types of jazz music, from classic to contemporary, at the festival. 


International Auto Show

Toronto’s International Auto Show is a world-famous event that is attended by car enthusiasts from different continents. It’s a place where the latest and fastest cars are on display with their beautiful aesthetics and cutting-edge innovations.

You must attend this show by boarding the latest and largest party bus with your friends who are as passionate about cars. It will ensure that your group makes the grandest entry possible. 


International Dragon Boat Race Festival

This Boat Race Festival is an iconic festival in Toronto. This race requires a combination of teamwork, speed, and individual effort.

If you are looking to participate in this race or watch it with your friends, then the best travelling option is a party bus in Toronto. By choosing the bus, you won’t even have to think about the parking and traffic. 



Christmas is the best time of the year because we get to meet our family and friends after such a long time. Torontonians are known to celebrate their Christmas festivities in the most awe-inspiring way.

So, if you are planning to have a get-together with your loved ones, then you must choose a Toronto party bus rental. Travelling by party bus will provide the most pleasant and memorable travel opportunity for the most important people in your life. 


Final Words

To travel to any of the above-listed events and festivals, you should choose 6Party Bus Toronto only. With our Toronto party bus rental at your service, you will have the best travel option available in the city. Contact us now to book our party bus today!

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